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The Beauty in Etching

Here at Qualitetch, we often talk about the etching process as a method of creating components for our clients. While this is certainly true, creating these important parts throughout many industries is not all that we do, we also create unique and beautiful engraved items that are more than just functional; they are works of art.

The etching processes that we undertake; whether through the use of photo chemicals or using laser cutting techniques, allow us to provide a very versatile and dynamic offering to our customers. The possibilities beyond the world of parts and components are almost endless!

Etching a piece of metal is very similar to engraving it – just less time consuming. Whichever term you use to describe it, it can be utilised to create items that are more akin to works of art, crafted with skill and precision.

So, what exactly are these items that we are talking about? Where do we start! Photo frames, watches, pet tags, jewellery, jewellery boxes, keys, plaques and signs or even cufflinks, and so much more.

History of the Artistic Etching Process

The art of engraving or etching began in the 15th century in both Germany and Italy. Skilled metal workers and goldsmiths combined their love of art with their skills to create something truly outstanding. While the origins lie within hand-made creations, these days much of the etching process is undertaken using technology.

The hand-made etching process was very labour intensive and involved countless hours of work, painstakingly perfecting the designs. These days, we can provide the highest quality items every time, and at a much higher turnover rate; thanks to advances in technology.

The Root of Understanding

While the majority of businesses that provide etched and engraved items choose to utilise the technology and processes that we have cultivated over the years, there are still people out there looking for pieces that are hand crafted and made to specification. This is less common for businesses and industries looking to make big sales and is much more likely to be collectors searching for unique and beautiful works of art.

For more information on any of our etching processes, or to enquire about how we can help you find a solution to your problem, please browse our website or contact us for a quick chat with our customer service team.