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Qualitetch now offers a non-metallic presswork service

Always seeking to diversify into new markets, we produce gaskets and other flat cut parts from materials such as Neoprene, Nebar or Klingersil to name a few.

Our extensive supplier base means that if we do not stock the material you require, we can source it quickly and at a competitive cost.

Parts are cut from the sheet using an impression knife tool on a fly press for a minimal charge and can be supplied plain or with an adhesive backing if required. Wherever possible, parts will be nested to maximise yield from the sheet and minimise cost to you.

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Benefits of Presswork

Save time and money

Our assembly line approach reduces manufacturing time and allows us to save time by cutting unnecessary steps out of the manufacturing process.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of fully qualified professionals who are on hand to deal with and complete assembly work requests from our customers.

Bespoke Requirements

We offer assembly, soldering and spot welding, bespoke packaging, and also many other specialist bespoke customer requirements that our clients may have.

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