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Component Forming

We have become a world leader for component manufacturing.

In our dedicated form room, using our in-house tool-making facility, we process precision metal etched flat blanks that require subsequent metal forming operations.

We have a number of fly and precision toggle presses as well as two 30 ton mechanical power presses, one 10 ton mechanical power press and one 7.5 ton hydraulic power press.

We are able to design and produce simple “knife and fork” tooling arrangements for small batches right through to multi-stage die sets for more complex forms and/or high volumes. For simple forms such as 90 ° bends, we also have a range of universal form tooling which can be employed to further reduce component costs and lead times. Whether your parts require heat treatment, finishing /plating, passivation, anodising or painting Qualitetch can offer it all, saving your business valuable time, effort and money.

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Benefits of Component Forming

Cost Effective

We will always use our vast experience as component manufacturers to offer you the most cost effective method of component forming for your metal components quickly and without compromising on quality.

Consistent Support

When your metal formed parts require subsequent finishing operations, we can also arrange for these to be carried out at one of our reliable, high quality subcontractors.

Best Quality

We always monitor the activities of our subcontractors under our own in house quality systems to ensure that you always receive parts of the highest quality first time and every time.

Trusted manufacturer

Many of our customers require their metal component parts forming, and using dedicated bespoke form-tools we can offer parts to your drawing requirements. For the photo etching process, all parts start off in flat sheet form and then formed as a post etch process.

For more information about how our component forming services can make a difference to your products, please give us a call today on 01354 658787.

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