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Assembly Work

Cut manufacturing times in half and bring all your metal component requirements under one roof.

We are always on the front foot and continue to push the manufacturing techniques within our industry, Qualitetch have developed various processes to ensure we can offer a "one stop shop" to manage our growing customer demands.

At Qualitetch, we have found over the years that more and more customers are looking to rationalise their supplier base and find vendors that can offer all services needed under one roof, rather than losing valuable manufacturing time sending parts to several key suppliers to receive components.

We have created a specific cell team to deal with such requests and can offer necessary solutions. From Assembly, soldering, welding, spot-welding or bespoke packaging Qualitetch can offer a manufacturing solution for your needs.

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assembly work

Benefits of Assembly Work

Save time and money

Our assembly line approach reduces manufacturing time and allows us to save time by cutting unnecessary steps out of the manufacturing process.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of fully qualified professionals who are on hand to deal with and complete assembly work requests from our customers.

Bespoke Packaging

We offer assembly, soldering and spot welding, bespoke packaging, and also many other specialist bespoke customer requirements that our clients may have.

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