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Market-leading photo chemical etching services, supplying precision metal components to customers worldwide

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Qualitetch has expertise in providing chemical etching and photo etched components and is a well-respected market leader in the UK and on the worldwide stage.

Chemical etching services

Qualitetch has expertise in providing photo etched metal components using the chemical etching process and is a well-respected market leader in the UK and worldwide

Bipolar Plate manufacture & hydrogen fuel cells & Electrolysers through chemical etching

Bipolar Plate manufacture & hydrogen fuel cells & Electrolysers through chemical etching

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Processes & Services

We offer a wide range of engineering solutions and process methods to suit your project needs.

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Stainless Steel Etching

Stainless steel photo chemical etching is one of the most common materials we etch.

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Silver Photo Etching

Silver is one of the most common precious metals around the world

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Mild Steel & Carbon Spring Steel Photo Etching

Steel is one of the most popular metal materials to use in manufacturing.

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Phosphor Bronze Etching

Phosphor bronze chemical etching is a highly versatile and adaptable material for manufacturing your quality precision metal parts.

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Molybdenum Etching

Chemically etching molybdenum is ideal for use in many industry sectors including the medical, aerospace, defence, marine and telecommunications industries, due to it’s ductility and high corrosion resistant properties, and has one of the highest melting points of all the pure elements.

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Reputable & Unparalleled

Our reputation has been achieved through effective development and ongoing evolution over the years, with our growing and ever-expanding range of manufacturing processes & services and technical capabilities to also offer EDM Wire erosion, Metal stamping / Punching & Laser cutting.

Our services are unparalleled, both in terms of quality and competence, which, combined with our can-do attitude and the passion we apply to each and every project, has made us a world class manufacturer of metal component solutions for our worldwide customer base.

edm wire erosion process for metal cutting

Latest News & Insights

Lots of info including videos, blogs, articles and interesting facts for the photo chemical etching process.

What our Customers Say

“ We have used Qualitetch on many occasions for the manufacture of various prototype and production etched and formed parts.

At the initial quotation stage I have found them to respond very quickly and their understanding of my requirements has always been comprehensive. This, combined with their competitive price and leadtime, has made them a supplier of choice. Their close attention to customer satisfaction reinforces their position as an ideal supply chain partner. ”

Paul G

Lifetime Customer