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Processes & Services

Qualitetch offer a wide range of engineering solutions and process methods to aid in the manufacture of your metal component designs. Everything from Photo Chemical Etching, Metal Stamping & Punching, 3D Component Forming, CNC Machining, EDM Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting & Tool-making.

We also provide various added value processes such as Soldering, Assembly Work, Spot Welding & traditional welding as well as a wide range of plating finishes including Silver, Gold, Tin, Nickel, Alocrom & Anodising that are all offered.

We serve industries within the Aerospace, Automotive, Creative Arts, Defence Projects, Electronics Devices, Broadcast Equipment, Instrumentation Technology, Scientific Devices, Medical Devices, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas & Renewable Energies market sectors, and have vast experience in project management with major blue chip companies, 2nd & 3rd tier supply chains through to much smaller independent and stand-alone businesses both for research and development projects or major volume production.

Qualitetch can help you manufacture your ideas in metal in thicknesses ranging from 0.0127mm thick to 1.60mm thick using the photo chemical etching process, or we can offer thicker component parts using EDM wire erosion, laser cutting, CNC machining or metal stamping / metal punching.

For further information just call our sales team on  01354 658787.