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World Telecommunications Day and Chemical Etching



Imagine a life without phones, computers and no form of telecommunications existing – thanks to  photo chemical etching, you don’t have to.

17th May marks World Telecommunications Day, which celebrates the invention and constant evolution of how we communicate with one and other. From the moment that the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the communications industry was to change forever.

The Evolution of Telephones

If it wasn’t for Bell’s directly connected early design, everyday devices such as the iPhone might never have been thought of. Although on the face of it, Bell’s invention and modern day phones appear to be from different worlds, they all possess three main parts:

  • Transmitter
  • Transmission Medium
  • Receiver

All of these vital components can be manufactured via the  photo chemical etching  process, which has been used extensively by the communications and electrical industries to supply small, but highly important, parts of the highest quality.

A landline phone was the only option for households to call other phone users. That was up until the 1980s when the mobile phone was introduced, initially as a clunky device that required a bag to carry around in.

The advancement of technology, mixed with  chemically etched  materials, now means that we can store a mobile phone in our back pocket with the ability to browse the internet while making calls anywhere in the world.

Radio and Television

As far as a form of communicating breaking news is concerned, radio and television have been at the forefront ever since their introductions. Radio continues to be used extensively as a form of communication, especially in the armed forces.

Without the invention of the radio, broadcasts of any kind were impossible – meaning that the only source of information was the morning paper. Going an entire day without information being available in the present day would be unthinkable.

Many believed that the television signalled the end of the radio, but as we know the two forms exist cohesively – both as forms of communication and entertainment.

Photo Chemical Etching Enables Communication

Without the etching process, manufacturers would not have the materials required to create any of these celebrated forms of communication. The telephone would have just been a pipe dream, and computers would not have even been that.

Celebrated figures such as the aforementioned Alexander Graham Bell, Alan Turing and John Logie Baird would not be remembered by history as they are today without  chemical etching.

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