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The Power of Precision

Chemical etching is the most accurate and effective method of cutting and marking metal, for either ornamental or practical purposes. The use of our photo etching chemistry, which is ferric chloride, instead of blades and stamps, means your finished products are free of stress and burrs, and precision is guaranteed.

Thanks to the precision and practice of photo etching, even the smallest and most intricate components can be created to suit your exact requirements. Again, these components can be purely decorative, or they can be building blocks for greater technological, structural and engineering feats.

Of course, whilst we ensure every part that leaves our premises is of the highest quality and produced to an exceptional standard, certain industries depend on precision more than others. These industries tend to be precise and technical in their own right, and in the case of the medical sector, accuracy is a matter of life and death.

As such, the tools and instruments in use must be designed and manufactured accordingly, with the utmost precision and quality. This is where photochemical etching comes in, as a reliable and feasible manufacturing option.

Read on to see some examples of the sectors and tools for which photo etching is ideally suited.

Medicine and Surgery

In medicine and surgery, precision is critical. From delicate surgical procedures in high-pressure and high stake situations to microbial research and other such detail-oriented disciplines, there is no margin for error.

As such, it is paramount that essential tools, such as surgical blades, are manufactured in the best possible way. Photo etching will ensure that surgical blades are produced to the exact measurements specified in the designs, with no burring or stress, which could do damage at a crucial moment.

Design and Engineering

The tools used for design and engineering need to ensure complete accuracy, which in turn means they need to be produced with precision engineering. Chemical etching is one such process that guarantees the accuracy required, thanks to its stress and burr-free results.

Everything from metal rulers, squares and compasses can be chemically etched; right down to the markings. This means that artists, architects, designers, engineers and construction workers alike will have access to hard-wearing, reliable tools, manufactured with absolute precision.

Technology and Computing

The sometimes-microscopic world of technology and computing completely depends on precision. With nanotechnology and ever-smaller intricate workings becoming part and parcel of the modern world, producing all the right parts for circuit boards, exactly the right way, has never been more important.

We not only photo etch the components for precision; we also offer 3D forming services, all manufactured in-house by our very own tool-makers to provide you with ready-to-go products that have received the right treatment from the start.

These are just three of the most accuracy-dependent sectors out there; all of which benefit from the precision and quality offered by photo chemical etching.

To see how your industry or business can benefit from this cost and time-efficient process, browse our site or get in touch. You might also be interested in our post-etching services, such as finishing and forming, so feel free to ask for more information.