Molybdenum Etching

Molybdenum is a material popular in the manufacturing industry thanks to its many uses and benefits. Etching molybdenum is ideal for the medical, aerospace, defence and telecommunications industries, meaning that high-quality components can be etched and provided for use in these sectors.

Chemical etching with molybdenum is useful because of the metal’s high melting point and low propensity for thermal expansion. This makes it perfectly suited for parts that encounter particularly high temperatures. Molybdenum can also be gold-plated to increase its bonding ability.

Here at Qualitetch, we have the capacity to chemically etch and machine components using molybdenum to reach customer’s specific requirements. Molybdenum is also an incredibly versatile metal to work with, allowing us to engage in molybdenum etching for components of a large variety of sizes, from thick to thin.

Molybdenum etching is not only a great way to manufacture components; it can also be a cost-effective method of photo chemical etching. Our etched molybdenum parts are all completed and finished to the highest quality, meaning that you won’t be left with burrs, rough edges, or heat-affected damage on the metal.

Qualitetch has over 25 years of experience in photo and chemical etching. This means that you can rest assured as your components are left in the safe hands of our experienced professionals; affording every individual part the same high level of care and attention to detail.

Please give us a call on 01354 658787 to find out more.

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