13 Nov 2015

The Underrated Metal

In today's technologically focused age, many people see one penny and two pence coins as surplus to requirement - often just throwing their “coppers” away, believing them to have no value. Here at www.qualitetch.co.uk, we think otherwise, and u...

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09 Nov 2015

The Importance of Plating

Here at Qualitetch, we provide a service that utilises various methods and processes to create parts, components and more. For many of our customers, the need to plate or apply a finish to these parts is crucial; whether they are in the aerospace, au...

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03 Nov 2015

Stand Out From the Crowd

If you work in creative or manufacturing industries, when it comes to events, parties and similar occasions; there is often a lot of pressure placed on you to come up with something a little different, to think a little outside the box to garner the ...

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27 Oct 2015

Photo Etching: What Is It Good For?

So, if you're familiar with our industry and our blog, you will likely know that there are a million and one things you can do with photo chemical etching, especially when it comes to consumer goods. Mass produced parts and specialist or limited c...

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Interesting chair idea for those of you working from home during lockdown 2. And if you're looking for a manufactur… https://t.co/6vL17QySiR
8:41 AM Nov 4th|@qualitetch

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