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Metal Stamping Services

Metal stamping services are often more suited to volume work

Qualitetch also offers a metal stamping service, dedicated to producing bespoke metal components to your drawing requirements.

Our metal stamping services are often more suited to volume production work, for parts once finalised for production, and possibly after the initial prototyping via other manufacturing methods such as chemical photo etching.

Like the other manufacturing processes we specialise in, our metal stamping service produces high-quality results that are durable, versatile and cost-effective. As well as working with you to ensure your brief is followed exactly and your design is recreated perfectly, our graphics, manufacturing and compliance teams will provide you with a bespoke solution and all the support you need for your project requirements.

It may be that we recommend just one manufacturing service, or we might suggest that you combine different services for even more competitive results. Either way, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible solution from Qualitetch because we’re a one-stop-shop for metal components, flat or formed.

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Benefits of Metal Stamping

Save time and money

Our assembly line approach reduces manufacturing time and allows us to save time by cutting unnecessary steps out of the manufacturing process.

Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team of fully qualified professionals who are on hand to deal with and complete assembly work requests from our customers.

Bespoke Requirements

We offer assembly, soldering and spot welding, bespoke packaging, and also many other specialist bespoke customer requirements that our clients may have.

Trusted manufacturer

Parts can be proved off using photo chemical etching, and then, if suited, they can be transferred to volume stamping for the main production batches. Qualitetch can also manufacture in-house progression hard tools, to be run on either of our two 30-tonne presses, offering very competitive manufacturing rates. So whether you need stamping alone, or with plating and forming options, we can help.

As worldwide market leaders and respected component manufacturers, we are very aware of the competitive global environment and, as a result, we offer our customers a variety of excellent solutions in the manufacturing of metal components.

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