Aluminium EtchingThe process of chemical etching with aluminium is a specialist process. This is because aluminium etching can be difficult to get right if you do not have the correct process controls which can lead to poor edges and a roughly finished etch.  The reason for this is that aluminium is exothermic, meaning that it creates heat and gases on the surface of the metal as it is being etched, which causes the aluminium to blow outwards and smut with carbon; roughening the surface.

When done right, there are many advantages to the process of aluminium etching. One of the main benefits is the light weight nature of Aluminium and it’s clean looking finish. Here at Qualitetch, we only etch aluminium with ferric chloride, as this is the most appropriate etchant to best suits your individual requirements.

As the process of successfully chemical etching aluminium is imperative to get right, you need a trusted manufacturer to provide you with etched aluminium components of the very best quality. That’s where we come in. At Qualitetch, we pride ourselves on our industry-topping products and standards of service, meaning that we are always fully committed to delivering only the best products and components to our customers.

For more information about how our aluminium etching services can make a difference to your products, please give us a call today on 01354 658787.

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