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The photo etching process can be used for many application sectors including:

Creative Arts
Medical Devices
Heat exchangers
Fuel Cells
Gas & Oil Industries
Photovoltaic PV
Consumer Goods
Energy Sector

It can also be used for any application of metal required either flat or formed, with material thickness between 0.0127mm and 1.60mm.

Qualitetch offer a complete package of additional services including Metal Stamping, 3D component Forming, CNC Machining, EDM Wire Erosion & Laser Cutting. Qualitetch also provide various added value processes such as Soldering, Heat treatment, Assembly Work, Spot Welding & Welding, aswell a wide range of plating finishes including Silver, Gold, Tin, Nickel, Alocrom & Anodising that are all catered for. Please ask one of our team for any details needed for any requirements you may have.
Parts can be supplied either in sheet or as loose parts, it is completely at your discretion. However, It is much easier to process parts tabbed in sheet and may mean faster delivery of your parts.
Yes, Qualitetch offer a multitool service so if you have components on the same thickness of material and same grade of material then they can indeed all be etched from the same panel. Plus with Qualitetch currently offering FREE PHOTOTOOLS all your flat part tooling designs will not be charged for.
Qualitetch offer lead-times from next day. As a general rule of thumb we offer flat blank profiles in 3-5 working days and flat and plated parts in 5-10 working days with 3D formed parts around 10-15 working days. We also offer a premium service if required for parts required urgently.
SLDPRT (Model), DXF,DWG,IGS,STP,PRT,STEP are preferred but we can also work with AI, PDF sketches for simple designs.
The best tolerances achievable are +-0.01mm on the flat profile size & +-0.10mm on formed dimensions. As a simple rule of thumb best tolerances offered would be 10% of material thickness. However often better tolerances can be provided if necessary, but please ask one of our sales team.
Chemical Etching involves the process of printing an image onto a UV photo sensitive film that is adhered to the metal being etched. Once printed the sheet is developed and prepared for etching. The sheet is then sprayed with a etchant that eats through the material only on the chosen lines that were printed. Once the sheet has been etched all the way through, then all thats left is to remove the UV sensitive film leaving the bare metal and the part required.
We can etch most materials including: Brass, Copper, Beryllium Copper, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Spring Steel, Sandvik Steel, Inconnel, Molybdenum, Nickel, Nickel Silver, Braze Foil, Kovar, Mu-Metal, Monel, Phosphor Bronze, Phytherm, Silver, Silver Alloys & (Titanium, but wire erode only)