Brass is a metal alloy consisting of copper and zinc, with differing variations of the metal made by changing the proportion of the two elements. At Qualitetch, we can etch brass for a range of uses stemming from signage to jewellery and screening cans.

Due to its bronzed appearance, Brass is a popular metal to use in art and decoration, while its low friction also makes the material popular to make applications such as locks, doorknobs, valves and various musical instruments.

Through our Photo Chemical Etching process, we are able to etch brass for a range of different uses. The metal will remain burr and stress-free, retaining all of its properties, after undergoing the etching process.

The metal is cleaned once the design has been finalised, and the sheet covered with UV sensitve photo-resist before printing. The brass is then run through a chemical bath with ferric chloride, suitable for both soft and hard metals making it a suitable etchant.

Any remaining photo-resist and chemicals are removed following the etching’s completion and it is then approved by our skilled QA technicians.

We are able to offer a quick and efficient turnaround, whatever the size of demand, with a high level of accuracy and quality. If you would like more information on the photo chemical etching process of brass, please contact the team on 01354 658787.

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