Steel is one of the most popular metal materials to use in manufacturing, thanks to the many useful properties it possesses. Here at Qualitetch, we utilise a number of steel variants, including both mild steel and carbon steel, to harness the durability and resilience of the metal.

Etched steel parts and components are great for a multitude of industries and sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronics and telecommunications, and can be found in everyday items and objects in the home, on the road and in the workplace.

Mild steel is also known as carbon steel, spring steel and includes brand names such as Sandvik steel and Uddeholm.

The etching process is highly accurate and cost effective, with high definition results every time. Photo etched steel retains all existing properties thanks to this process, which leaves the metal both burr- and stress-free.

Once the design has been finalised, we can then produce a profile artwork film to print the image onto the metal sheets UV resist. After developing the sheets are then passed through a chemical bath using an etchant: ferric chloride.

The finished parts are then cleaned and dried, removing any trace of photo-resist and chemicals, before being approved dimensionally by our skilled technicians using the latest automated inspection equipment. Parts and components can then be plated or finished to prevent corrosion and rust or simply for decorative effect.

Thanks to the incredibly accurate results and speed of the process used, we can offer our customers a range of commercial products with a low margin of error and high turnaround on orders. Please contact us today on 01354 658787 to find out more.

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