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Benefits of EDM Wire Erosion

In addition to all of the photo etching and chemical etching services that we offer, did you know that we can also offer you EDM Wire Erosion? Sometimes you need to manufacture a product or component to a thicker gauge than allowed by photo etching or chemical etching – and that is where EDM Wire Erosion comes in handy.

What is EDM Wire Erosion?

EDM stands for ”˜electrical discharge machining’, which pretty much sums up the essence of what EDM Wire Erosion is. For those that don’t already know, EDM Wire Erosion is a manufacturing process whereby the desired component is created through the use of concentrated electrical discharge and electrical sparks.

What can I use EDM Wire Erosion for?

EDM Wire Erosion can be an incredibly useful manufacturing tool. Although chemical etching is an accurate manufacturing method, like everything it has a limit and due to process capabilities, it is only effective down to certain specifications. Therefore, if a particular component needs to be smaller than chemical etching allows, EDM Wire Erosion can be used instead. However, it doesn’t only benefit thin gauge components.

Our EDM Wire Erosion machines can also process metals that are up to 150mm thick, at no extra programming charge to our clients.

It can also be used to process the few specific metals that are unsuitable for photo etching. This means that even those metals with an unsuitable chemical composition will now be able to be used in the manufacturing process, thanks to the incredible versatility and adaptability of EDM Wire Erosion.

What are the benefits?

So now that you know what EDM Wire Erosion is, you need to know how the technique can benefit you. Following detailed, extensive research and development from us here at Qualitetch, we are now in a position to be able to pass these benefits on to you. We have been able to create a highly cost-effective method of manufacturing through using EDM Wire Erosion, which sets us apart from the rest in our field as a one stop shop for bespoke metal component manufacture.

This is a quick process that can easily be applied to both high and low volume outputs, using a great deal of precision to ensure a high level of accuracy. EDM Wire Erosion also leaves the finished component with a square edge, which in turn will provide greater dimensional accuracy and be much more convenient further down the line in the manufacturing process.

To find out more about how EDM Wire Erosion can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.