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Chemical Etching: The Basics

At, we believe that your needs come first. It is because of this belief that we utilise the processes we do and offer the services that we do. The  chemical etching  process is one of the most efficient and accurate methods of manufacturing components and is done by using an acid solution to dissolve the metal profile of your parts.

Whether you are looking to purchase battery grids, fuel cell components, jewellery, washers, electrical contacts or anything in between, then chemical etching might be the best process available to you. If you’re still not sure why you should utilise our  photo chemical etching, then let us digress. Follow this link for video on our chemical etching process.

The Process

  • Your component profile is printed between a two sided stable photographic film, but in negative form
  • Your choice of metal is cut down to size, cleaned and laminated with a UV-sensitive photo-resist that will aid the etching process, as it provides a mask for the required shape
  • The above plate is placed in a vacuum and then under a UV light to harden the metal with photo-resist
  • Plate is developed by washing away the photo-resist
  • It is now ready to be run through the etching line. This houses an aqueous solution – we use ferric chloride – which is heated and directed onto both sides of the metal plate
  • The metal that has no protection will quickly corrode in the solution
  • The plate is then neutralised and rinsed before the photo-resist is removed
  • Finally, the metal plate is cleaned and dried

As you can see, this is a straightforward process that does not place the metal under any stress, and will be entirely free of rough edges and burrs. It is a highly accurate method of component fabrication, and any errors that are made are easily rectified.

Chemical etching  is suitable for the most intricate and complex designs, as well as projects with high component turnover, and because of the flexibility afforded to us by this process; we can offer you a broad range of sheet metal to create your components from.

As experts in our field, we are proud to tailor and bespoke our etching process to suit your requirements and needs. For more information on any of our processes, or to place an order, please  contact us  today.