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25 Years at Qualitetch: Looking Back

Well, 2015 has finally arrived, and with it comes our 25th Anniversary!

Now when we think about it for long enough, we realise just what an achievement a quarter of a century is; and what a quarter of a century we have had. From our early days to our ground-breaking projects and our constant evolution, it hasn’t been a quiet journey, and things aren’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

2015 is a big year for us, with lots of upcoming projects and events, as well as plenty of ongoing development. Of course, we will keep you up to date with all the  news and services  here at,  via our website and blog.

To kick off the year though, we thought it would be fitting to share 25 highlights from the last 25 years. As well as big changes, huge projects and defining moments to keep us busy, we have enjoyed a constant sense of momentum and moving upward.

So take a look at 25 years’ worth of highlights below and get ready for another 25 years of great things from Qualitetch.

1990                     The first process put into place was our signature photo chemical etching

1991                      Qualitetch was established and saw immediate growth

1992                     As a result of our success and growth, we got our first premises

1994                     Just four years after inception, Qualitetch was an exhibitor at Manufacturing Week

1996-7                 Our 3D forming service was established and processes expanded into Qualiform; our post-etching process department

1998                     We were awarded the accolade of Investors in People

1998                     Qualitetch welcomed our first toolmaker apprentices, who trained in our tool room

1999                     The Force was with us when we produced the metal invites for the Star Wars: Phantom Menace premiere

1999                     As a ”˜thank you’ for all their hard work, the whole Qualitetch team was treated to a Christmas trip to Disneyworld Florida

2000                   The site got a new batch of etching machines to welcome the new millennium

2001                    We made an appearance at our first international exhibition

2001                    A new automated stripping line was installed, streamlining and improving services

2001                    Qualitetch supplied components to the Beagle 2 space project

2002                   Our Design for Manufacture service was established

2002                   The first EDM Wire Eroder arrived on site, to complement our processes and allow us to manufacture our own form-tooling

2005                   We undertook our first volume production stamping work

2006                   Our Lean Manufacturing training was completed

2007                   New Forming Toggle presses were introduced, to aid our precision part forming

2007                   We completed our first fuel cell development

2008                   FREE photo-tooling was introduced, to invest in our customers’ long-term goals

2009          said Hello to the world as an interactive, e-commerce website

2009                   Kan Ban was first implemented to aid customers in stock control

2011                     A new etching line was installed to keep up with growth and new pneumatic forming presses were brought in too

2013                     We developed new methods for treating our water effluent, to minimise our environmental impact

2015                    Qualitetch are investing £300K into a major upgrade of our etching, cleaning and inspection equipment as part of an effort to further improve our capabilities

Of course, we couldn’t fit everything that has happened in the last 25 years into one post, so we hope you have enjoyed these 25 highlights.

Over the next 25 years, we will continue to develop our own processes as we strive to be industry leaders. We will also continue working with many of the world’s leading universities on research and development projects.

So be a part of the exciting times ahead for Qualitetch and get in touch now or view here to find out more about our company,  our services  and how they can benefit you, whatever your industry.