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What is Chemical Etching?

As one of the most heavily used processes we utilise here at Qualitetch, the chemical etching process is one that has been refined and perfected by our team of specialist experts. Not only is it highly efficient, but it allows for entire orders to be customised as per your part and component needs as a customer. Similarly, it is a very accurate process that allows for a very small margin of error, ensuring precision at all times.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and the ability to provide our customers with bespoke, personalised solutions; no matter what the design, volume or design requirements.

What does the process involve?chemical etching

In simple terms, an acidic solution is applied which then eats away at the metal, leaving the etched pattern or design remaining. Each sheet of metal has a design applied, along with a photo-resist to protect the design from the acid. When the  acid is applied, it dissolves the remaining metal to a point where just the design remains.

What does chemical etching produce?

There are hundreds of different parts and components that we might come across on any given day that has been manufactured using the chemical etching process.

Jewellery, parts of your cooker, washing machines, televisions, mobile phones, cars, aeroplanes and even batteries have, at some point on their journey to your home, been involved in our etching industry.
Are high-quality results guaranteed?

The chemical etching process is one that involves very little stress on the metal sheets that we utilise. This means that unlike other processes that require bending and cutting, the end product is a lot less vulnerable to damage when it comes to being used.

Additionally, there are no burrs or rough edges on any part or component that goes through our metal etching process. Due to the method of checking and double checking parts in place, any mistakes can be spotted and easily rectified before any expensive mistakes are made. Furthermore, this is one of the most accurate processes in the industry, so high-quality results are a given.

The flexible method used in this process allows us to accurately produce complex, sophisticated designs that would usually incur damage to the material if utilised in any other process.

More information on this topic can be found here.

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