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28 May 2019
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Qualitetch in a Nutshell

Our white paper document, P.C.M. an overview,  a  copy of  which can be downloaded  HERE

Photo chemical machining or P.C.M. is an engineering production technique used for the manufacture of burr free and stress free flat metal components, by selective chemical etching through a photographically produced artwork photo-tool mask. Our white paper document, P.C.M. an overview,  which can be downloaded  via the link at the top of this page,  has been created to briefly explain the fundamentals of the PCM process when applied to the manufacture of mechanical components. It is aimed at product designers and specifiers who would like to understand more about the science and technology of etching without having to delve too deeply into the chemistry. Qualitetch Components hope that the text achieves this aim, but should you require a more detailed explanation please contact our technical department. [row] [column md=”6″]

Our Role

Qualitetch can assist in the manufacture of metal components using the photo etching process, but can also offer other complimentary processes such as: EDM Wire erosion, Metal Stamping, CNC Machining, Laser cutting & 3D Component forming, Soldering, Spot-welding and Assembly work. [/column] [column md=”6″]

The Approach

At Qualitetch, when we receive a customer  enquiry we look at the most cost effective process for manufacturing that particular component. Some customers also require us to get involved at the design stage and work with our technicians and sales engineers  to find the right  materials and features required by the client. [/column] [/row]

 Think On Style

Our Design for manufacture service can also be used by customers to find out and understand more about a particular process or service. All our processes provide a different offering and some are more suitable than others dependant on the application or material choice used.

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  • Qualitetch offer Excellence and Quality at a great price. We offer FREE photo-tooling artwork to customers as we believe in investing in our clients future.
  • Best leadtimes available in the marketplace.  We consistently invest in the latest technologies and equipment  to ensure we offer our customers the best possible service within the industry.

For the last 25 years Qualitetch have excelled in the creation of customer specific manufacturing solutions. This has been achieved through effective development and utilisation of  our expanding range of manufacturing and technical capabilities. [/column] [/row]

Our can do attitude has earned us an enviable reputation with customers across the UK and worldwide. Our leadtime starts from same day and all standard shipments are next working day delivery.


Give us a call today and let Qualitetch help manufacture your ideas in metal  on 01354 658787 and speak to our team.