27 Jun 2015

Qualitetch’s Top 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with innovative and attractive ways to entice new customers or thank those already loyal to you. Whilst they work well enough, certain tried and tested methods, such as branded pens and stress balls, can lack the i...

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24 Jun 2015

Dimensional and Visual Inspection Process

As the final and arguably most important stage of our photo chemical etching process, the quality control element is a priority here at Qualitetch. (more…)...

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23 Jun 2015

Etching and Resist Stripping Process

After the lamination, printing and development stage comes the etching and resist stripping process. (more…)...

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18 Jun 2015

Metal Preparation: Lamination, Printing and Developing

  Following the metal cleaning process, a UV photo sensitive resist is applied to both sides of the metal sheets, using heated rollers. In the video, you can see the blue-tinted photo resist rolls at the top and bottom of our rather impre...

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Interesting chair idea for those of you working from home during lockdown 2. And if you're looking for a manufactur… https://t.co/6vL17QySiR
8:41 AM Nov 4th|@qualitetch

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