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5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could Photo-Etch

Chemical etching  is nothing new. In fact, it has been used for millennia, for all manner of purposes. Ancient tribal jewellery, medieval armour, and Renaissance art are but a few of the instances where chemical etching was the preferred practice.

However, innovative technological advancements and various developments in sectors like chemistry and manufacturing have led to the introduction and continued success of  photochemical etching  as both a manufacturing and decorative process.

That said, the process still tends to be associated with the production of basic components, such as washers, meshes, and the like. And, as important as these components are, and as beneficial as photo etching is to their creation, they are by no means the limit of chemical etching’s capabilities.

There are all sorts of interesting, intriguing and creative items that are made all the more impressive by being chemically etched; many of which you might not expect to be formed from such a 2D method.

Read on to see the potential this clever manufacturing process has.


That’s right. Those ever-so-useful reading glasses, with their decorative and detailed frames, can be made stress and burr-free with chemical etching. No matter how precise the design or how delicate the material, the frames will be etched to perfection every time, ready for forming.


Watches are usually praised for their precious metal bodies and the heavy-duty technology involved. Look a little closer though, at what are perhaps some of the watch’s most important components, and you will see that the perfectly formed face and hands can be photo etched.

Buttons and Buckles

Yes, clever chemical etching manufacturers can even make the bits that hold your jeans up. This is no mean feat, considering how many buttons, buckles and zips need to be produced for the world’s fashion market; not to mention how important these components are to the fashion-forward and those preserving their dignity!


Chemical etching can produce stunning jewellery, and we aren’t just talking about your everyday run-of-the-mill accessories. We are talking fancy, intricate, and sometimes almost filigree pieces. Rings and earrings, bracelets and necklaces; you send in the designs, and we etch them. We can even offer 3D forming processes to complete the project.

Whatever you want”¦

Ok, so this one isn’t a specific point because we don’t believe in limiting ourselves – or you. Photochemical etching is a truly innovative process, and we are willing to try new things and push boundaries with it. So send in your designs, contact the team directly, and see what unexpected things we can create together!

Photo chemical etching is the ultimate multifaceted manufacturing process, and the examples above are just the tip of the etching iceberg. There are plenty more possibilities, and here at Qualitetch, we enjoy a good challenge.

So be as creative as you like, and feel free to discuss your ideas and needs with our talented studio team and photoetching experts. We are always happy to offer advice and work with you to bring your brief to life.