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What Aerospace Accreditation Means for You

Qualitetch were  recently named  as the UK’s first  photo etching  company  to be awarded with AS9100C aerospace accreditation within the private sector of our industry. Thanks to the hard work and commitment from our expert technicians, this award from NQA showcases our prowess in the field and consistent demonstration of high standards.

The aerospace industry is a huge part of the global economy; allowing domestic and professional customers from all over the world the opportunity to travel the world for both business and pleasure. It goes without saying that the safety of passengers, crew and all involved while in the air as well as on the ground is of paramount importance.

Why do we need accreditation?

Industry standards are often benchmarked by governing bodies, and the aerospace sector is no different. Requiring partners in the supply chain to demonstrate compliance with a number of regulations and enforcements, this strict code of accreditation is essential to safeguard passengers and crew, as well as minimising the risk of any number of potential incidents.

In addition to being able to guarantee adherence to  these standards, this certification means that our turnaround on lead times will be significantly improved, as there will be fewer hurdles to cross during the production process thanks to our diligence and competence during the accreditation process.

The Assessors

The assessment was conducted and authenticated by industry assessors that are registered to ensure that products, parts and components manufactured by suppliers like Qualitetch are reliable, safe and cost-effective, all whilst adhering to industry standards.

NQA are known around the world and have worked with high profile clients and big names, like NASA, The Boeing Company and the European Space Agency – who recently sent Tim Peake into orbit for six months.

With expert knowledge of design, system engineering, production and serving, the auditing team were able to recognise the high standards exhibited by the Qualitetch team throughout the assessment period.

Bringing You the Benefits

The accreditation means that we can now continue to provide the highest standards when  photo etching  parts and components to existing customers and supply chains, as well as attracting a range of new customers; ensuring we stay as competitive as can be while maintaining the high quality we are recognised for.

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