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From Brazil and Back Again: Acid Etching

With the 2016 Summer Olympics due to be held in Rio de Janeiro this August, Brazil has been under the world’s spotlight since the news was announced back in 2012. This year, a record number of countries will be participating in 28 different sporting events, making this Olympic Games another one to remember.

One of the most iconic and memorable traditions in the build up to any Olympic Games is the  Torch relay; the torch is lit and will be carried by notable athletes while visiting cities throughout the host country. The torch is traditionally lit in Greece and was handed over to Brazil in April this year before beginning a journey that will end at the Opening Ceremony on August 5th in Maracaní£ Stadium.

(Acid)  Etching – Then and Now

Before modern civilisation took hold of South America, Brazil was largely populated by tribes. Although the tribal culture that was once dominant in the country now equates to a mere  0.4% of the population, there are still approximately 240 tribes living in Brazil, primarily within the Amazon Rainforest. Many of the tribes’ people live entirely off the land of the forest and rivers, hunting and building homes in the same way their ancestors would.

The natives would etch and carve designs into rocks, stone and wood to create the traditional tribal jewellery that is now known the world over.

Fast forward to today and etching is still very much a part of modern day life around the world. While techniques have expanded to use acid as a means of etching metal materials, the ability to  acid etch  has led to core developments in a variety of industries.

This year, a process that began as a means of tribal decoration will come full circle; many key parts of the 2016 Olympic Games are acid-etched products, including the Olympic torch itself.

Here at  Qualitetch, we provide an  acid etching  service that is both high-quality and cost-effective for our customers. With modern techniques at such a level, we can provide a fast turnaround service to suit your need and requirements.

For more information about the services we provide or to speak to our team about how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us on 01354 658787.