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In this day and age, companies seem to be head to head with each other when it comes to marketing and advertising, always striving to be at the forefront of attention, in order to capture their consumers’ interest.

Business names are getting catchier by the day, with puns of all kinds, and a lot of statements now have double entendres, or so it seems.

So how exactly do you stand out from the rest? Some people work with merchandise and some with their imagination. Let’s put yours to test”¦

A lot of companies go for quality over design, paying extra care and attention to the quality of the product or the manufacturing process. Take retail bags, for example; quality thick 300gsm pearl finished card with contrasting rope handles sounds good, but the company logo? A lot left to be desired.

Equally, some companies are very savvy when it comes to the actual design of their logo and tend to instil that double entendre within, for a few excellent examples, click here. This tends to make customers think twice as there is a catch in there somewhere; people tend to remember the effect a logo has on them.

Product Quirkiness
Finally, some companies put the effort into the merchandise they use to advertise their goods. For example, if your company specialises in technology, you are most likely to use branded USB sticks or something tech-savvy. Stress balls could be beneficial for a therapists’ consultancy and so forth.

The question remains, however, how can you incorporate all three of the above into one show-stopping product?

Here, at Qualitetch, we have the perfect solution for you”¦ Stainless Steel business cards.

Ever noticed how you can easily accumulate hundreds of business cards at business events and meetings alike? A few weeks later, you tend to throw these away as it becomes part of the ongoing clutter hoarded into your office on a monthly basis.

Would you throw away a steel business card, though? Probably not. First impressions count and giving out a personalised steel business card to represent your company shows diversity, class and a fair bit of quirk.

So go on,contact Qualitetch today and see how you can make your business stand out from the rest. Don’t blend in with the others, be the one that leaves that clear mark.