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Chemical Etching for the January Sales

January is the time for bringing in the new, seeing how long you can keep those New Year’s resolutions in check and, of course, grabbing a bargain from the sales.

If Christmas is the time for giving then January is the time for buying – perhaps that Xbox you dropped numerous hints for that Santa left behind? We’ve all been there, using those vouchers Nan slipped in your card to put towards something that is already half price.

Unlike the now annual pair of socks from mum and dad, that games console has undergone a strict process to ensure it meets you, the customer’s, expected standards.

The Chemical Etching Process

As an important part of the electrical industry,  chemical etching  is a cornerstone of the manufacturing process in order to keep up with the advanced and compact nature of packaged goods.

While chemical etching is incredibly precise, so that even the most minuscule component is up to the job, it is also the most efficient in terms of manufacturing time and keeping costs down to a minimum. Materials are produced stress and burr-free, unlike laser cutting and EDM wire erosion.

Our Process Guarantees Quality

Whether the goods that you find yourself purchasing are for recreational use or other uses, chemical etching guarantees the quality of components to carry out the appliance’s function.

For example, the smaller components found in a fridge and freezer are likely to have been chemically etched – it is because of these parts that we are able to keep food fresh and edible for longer. When it comes round to cooking that chicken you took out of the freezer and defrosted, chemically etched components in the oven work to heat it up, meaning that you can treat everyone to a lovely Sunday roast.

Further Afield

Chemical etching is not exclusive to the electronics industry. In fact, if you have booked yourself a New Year getaway then you will be reliant on chemically etched materials produced for the aerospace industry, ensuring that you have a safe and pleasant flight to whatever exotic location you are heading to.

If, for when you have stepped off the plane, you have hired a vehicle to get from A to B, you will once again be making use of chemically etched materials used to create tread plates, grills, trims and inlays.

Should you require any further information about how Qualitetch can assist your manufacturing process with our chemical etching expertise, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team on 01354 658787.