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The Dynamic World of Chemical Etching

For many, the world of  chemical etching  is something of an enigma; however, the reality could not be further from this. Not only is it a highly efficient process that can accurately produce metal parts and components with ease, but it is also one of the most flexible and dynamic in terms of the process itself and the resulting output.

So, just  how does Chemical Etching work?

Put simply; the process uses a chemical etchant to dissolve sheet metal.

Your component parts are printed on sheet metal, which is then protected by a photo-resist. This photo-resist will ensure that your parts remain untouched while the metal passes through an acid wash solution that dissolves the exposed metal. The parts that remain are then rinsed of the chemicals, and the photo-resist removed to leave solid metal parts, that are both stress and burr free.

How useful are the items that are manufactured?

The parts that are produced using this process are numerous and varied, across a broad variety of sectors and industries. We can produce components for everyday electronic equipment such as televisions, tablets and mobile phones, and parts for aeroplanes, cars and everything in between.

The parts that we produce are used in everyday, household items as well as more specialist components that are used in industry.

How does a photo-resist work?

Photoresist chemicals are applied to the metals that we work with in order to protect them from the acid wash that the metal passes through. Photo-resist is often light sensitive and changes chemical structure after exposure to UV light. It is this chemical change that ensures your overall component design is left untouched during the  chemical etching  process.

Thanks to the highly flexible and time efficient process that we utilise here at Qualitetch, we can offer our customers a highly accurate and precise service, with an excellent lead time to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer.

If you have a last minute change to your design, don’t fret. We can make changes right up until the metal sheets are passed through the chemical wash. We are also able to print different parts and components on the same sheet metal, providing they are suitable for production from the same metal and material thickness.

More information about the chemical etching process can be found below.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team today on 01354 658787.