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EDM Wire Erosion: The Basics

Here at, we want our customers and prospective clients to feel secure in the knowledge that we offer the very best services and processes in the industry. Whatever your field of work, if you need components or parts made, we have a wide range of  photo etching  possibilities available to you. One of the other services we offer   is EDM Wire Erosion.

At the most basic level, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire Erosion can be described as using electrical discharges or sparks to obtain a specified shape in a part or component. It is a cost-effective method, with improved accuracy on thicker component parts, compared to chemical etching, and allows the manufacturing of thin gauge metal components, as well as metal parts up to 150mm thick.

The process of EDM Wire Erosion dates back to 1770, whereby a spark was created between an electrode and a workpiece, and the process hasn’t changed much over the years. The spark that is created produces a very high temperature – between 8000-12,000 degrees centigrade – which can melt almost any metal. This means it is a suitable process for materials that cannot be used with traditional  photo etching  methods such as titanium.

The spark is controlled and localised very specifically, to ensure that any effect is only on the surface of the metal. These days, this process takes place in dielectric deionised water that is controlled to ensure the EDM process can take place. The water takes on further roles too, acting as a coolant to the metal component and also washing away eroded particles.

This adaptation of  photo chemical etching  is suitable for a wide range of metals and is very flexible when we consider it can be used on components that are already in their finished state. This is a fast process that can be applied across high and low volume outputs, with accurate and intricate designs as standard.

We also offer a variety of other methods of component manufacturing that could be more suitable to your needs;  please view our services page  for more information on these  processes.

If you would like more information on any of our bespoke etching processes, especially EDM Wire Erosion, then please do  contact our team.