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Facts about Lasers

One of the most popular services we offer here at Qualitetch is metal laser cutting. This technique is often used where chemical etching is not suitable or appropriate and is used for the creation of parts and components. Not only is it a very precise method, but it is also long-standing because of the minimal wear and tear that occurs during this process.

We have been using laser cutting technology since our business began over 25 years ago, and the technique has been around for even longer. That being said, many people still believe that lasers are a futuristic thing so we thought we would provide you all with a few fascinating facts about lasers to bring you up to speed!

  • Lasers are used every day, often without you even realising, in items such as CD and DVD players, but they are also used to create everyday objects, too
  • Lasers beams come in many forms, including gas, chemical and solid state
  • The word laser is actually an acronym, meaning: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  • The current method was derived from a development of microwave amplification technology, as proposed by Einstein himself
  • Electrons are charged or excited by light or electricity and, together, these electrons create a laser
  • The laser is over 50 years old and was initially used to drill for diamonds
  • Lasers are the preferred manufacturing method for many items in the aerospace industry
  • Lasers are extremely precise and accurate. In fact, measuring using a laser is correct up to a nanometre
  • Lasers are commonly used on the body during eye surgery, tattoo removal and in other surgical procedures to cut tissue. As well as this, they can be found in remote controls and even power tools!
  • Lasers are well known for being bright and powerful, with visibility up to 1km away in some cases
  • Lasers are very powerful for their size. The strongest laser known to man was created n 1996 and was 1.25petawatts
  • The moon landing might never have happened without the use of a laser to measure the distance
  • Lasers can cut through a wide variety of materials, including metal (of course), plastic, leather and much more, with a great deal of accuracy
  • Lasers produce an intense heat to the extent that it can be used to etch diamonds – one of nature’s hardest resources
  • Lasers do cut through metal, hence, metal laser cutting -but not in a traditional way that leaves sharp edges and a rough look. Instead, it melts and burns the metal away, leaving a smooth, shiny finish

You can find more cool laser facts here.

To learn more about metal laser cutting and other similar services that we offer, please browse our website and contact us with any further queries. We’d love to hear from you!