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The Future of Chemical Etching


As far as efficient manufacturing processes go,  chemical  etching  is right at the top of the list; having gone from strength to strength since the 1960’s.

The process has been used increasingly by businesses in need of an inexpensive manufacturing solution to combat the costs of laser cutting, punching and stamping, among others.

In today’s current climate and the uncertainty that comes with various political movements, it has never been more important for businesses to seek out new cost-effective methods without skimping on quality.

Increased Demand for Chemical Etching

It is no secret that over the last few years there has been an increased demand for products. This is due to a combination of businesses decreasing lead times, looking to one-up their competition and the increasingly shortening patience of the consumer as a result.

Just 20 years ago, before the age of internet shopping, it was common for the buyer to wait a number of days or weeks to receive a product. Now, the buyer expects a more immediate delivery, and the tighter deadlines that come with this have increased demand.

Manufacturers, as a result, have moved towards solutions such as  chemical etching in order to meet their customer’s demand  without it having a negative impact on quality. It is possible for a product to be completed within hours of the initial design process as part of the process. This has been beneficial for companies wishing to provide prototypes for projects whilst bidding for large contracts.

Rise of Chinese Manufacturing

British manufacturing has long been in a battle with China, which produces cheap products on mass. This has had a negative effect on export trade, as more and more businesses turned to Chinese-made goods to complete orders.

However, while it is true that British-made materials will almost certainly cost more than those produced from the Chinese market, for quality assurance reasons British manufacturing continues to rise.

In order to sell certain products into the EU, all materials must meet European standards. Chinese manufacturing adheres to separate regulations, which does not guarantee that products will meet the industry standards present in Europe.

The Outlook

As a manufacturing process that achieves consistently high standards – enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines while providing a cost-effective solution, means the future of chemical  etching  is bright. Businesses have been benefitting from the process for over half-a-century and there is no sign of this slowing down.

If you would like more information on how your business can benefit from  chemical  etching, or what the process involves, please call the Qualitetch team on 01354 658787 today.