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Know your Copper Facts

Here at Qualitetch, we offer a range of high quality and technically advanced finishes to the parts and components that we manufacture. One of the most popular finishes includes earth’s own, copper. While many people still think that pennies are made from Copper, we thought we would give you the down low with some fascinating copper facts.

  • The word copper itself stems from the Latin word for ”˜Cyprus’ which is “Cuprum”; this is the original spot where the Ancient Romans mined the majority of their copper
  • Most of us know or think of copper to be a shiny, dark, amber colour, and use it as a description of items such as hair colour and jewellery. However, copper is known to change colour upon different interactions with various elements. When exposed to air, copper will darken to that familiar brown tone; however, when exposed to air and water it will change into a blue/green shade, known as verdigris.
  • We all know that we are supposed to eat our greens and munch an apple a day, but did you realise we are also expected to have a reasonable intake of copper in our diets too? Foods such as beef, nuts, black pepper, avocados, lobster and green olives are all rich in the nutrient.
  • Have you ever caught yourself avoiding touching the handle in the pub toilets, or not holding on to the handrail while popping into the wine cellar? Then you might be interested to know that copper is naturally antibacterial and is therefore used in public places for door handles or railings.
  • The Statue of Liberty in New York was made using over a whopping 81,000kgs of copper. By our calculations, that is a lot of copper for a lot of lady! Lady Liberty’s placement in the New York Harbour also explains the green colouring we know and love.
  • And finally, nearly 80% of all the copper we have ever produced is still in use to this very day, this is because copper is 100% recyclable and retains a huge 95% of it’s original value!

So, there you have it. If you weren’t already clued up on the details of the ever versatile copper and are due to get some plating done by us, now you can be a fountain of knowledge!

If you need any further advice or assistance when it comes to the various plating options we have here at Qualitetch, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.