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Know Your Nickel Facts

As part of our blog series on the various high-quality  metal finishes  we offer here at, we have come to nickel – one of the most frequently used metals in the world.

The Back Story

During the Medieval age in Germany, a red mineral was found that looked like copper ore (rock). When the miners couldn’t extract any copper from it, they became frustrated and blamed a mischievous sprite of German mythology, nickel. They decided to call the ore Kupfernickel, which incorporates the German word for copper- Kupfer.

It is thought that unintentional use of nickel has taken place since ancient times around 3500BC. Interestingly, based on old writings, the alloy cupronickel is believed to have been utilized by the Chinese from 1400BC, before it was eventually exported to Britain and the West in the 17th century.

A Few Facts:

  • Nickel is a transition metal that is hard and ductile. It is of a shiny silvery-white appearance with a slight golden tinge
  • Nickel has a melting point of 2,651 °F (1,455 °C) and a boiling point of 5,275.4 °F (2,913 °C)
  • Alongside Iron, Cobalt and Gadolinium, Nickel is one of just four elements that are magnetic at or near room temperature that is around 20 °C
  • Nickel was commonly used in the making of coins; however, due to the metal being a skin allergen for some people, and the fact that today cheaper metals are available the element is no longer widely used in coinage
  • In the USA, a five-cent coin is called a “nickel” despite being 75% copper and only 25% nickel
  • Nickel is essential for a healthy plant life. As a result, it is found naturally in most vegetables, fruits and nuts, and in the food products derived from them, for example – chocolate and wine

It may be perceived as a cheap metal by many, but it is extremely versatile and beneficial to many everyday essentials. If you need any further information regarding  our services  here at Qualitetch or would like to know more about the metals we use, give us a call today. Our team will happily take your call and answer your questions.