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Let’s Talk Car Keys

Car keys have evolved greatly over the years. They may look the same on visual inspection, but the technology embedded in them has gone through game-changing modifications and upgrades.

Different types of key technologies and manufacturing methods are in use today, and laser cut keys are one such example. They are a great innovation of metal laser cutting; one that has found immense popularity in the automobile arena.

Laser cut keys work flawlessly and provide great protection against car theft. Of course, other technologies exist, but laser cut keys hold the edge in terms of efficiency, usability and cost.

In today’s Qualitetch post, we will look at some of the different types of keys available, as well as the ever-reliable laser cut key. So read on for more.
Transponder Keys

Manufacturers started making transponder keys in the middle of the 1990s. Like the name suggests, these keys have a transponder built into them. A transponder is a device generally used in airplanes to transmit the current location of an aircraft to air traffic controllers on the ground.

The concept here is somewhat similar. The transponder is cleverly installed in the key, and when the key is inserted into a lock, the chip embedded in it sends a signal to the ignition. If the wrong signal is generated, then the key being used is the wrong key; the ignition will not crank up, and the engine will not turn on.

The technology in these keys is costly, which is why people often keep a basic key as a backup. It’s the same key, but without the transponder; so it will open the car, but it won’t start the ignition. This comes in handy in case you lock your keys in the vehicle.

Laser Cut Keys

The automotive industry has greatly benefited from laser technology. Laser cut keys are the de facto choice for most car owners today because they are an extremely safe and popular option.

A laser cut key, sometimes referred to as the sidewinder key, is easily recognisable. The key has fewer carved-out grooves as well, making it even more unique visually. They are not made on a standard key cutting machine.

Special machinery is used to create these keys. If you lose one, the only solution is to get a replacement sent straight from the dealership. Hardware stores do not carry them, and locksmiths can’t make duplicates of the originals.   Laser cut keys need to be programmed at the dealership, so cost is a factor here; keys can cost anywhere from £100 to £200 in price.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are no doubt the key of the future, but they are expensive. On average, a smart key costs anywhere from £200 to £300, and they can only be obtained from dealerships.

They don’t look like your average car keys. They are fobs that you can keep in your coat pocket or handbag. These keys are used in advanced car systems where a single press of the button can turn the car on or off.

A smart key uses rolling security codes as an anti-theft feature. The system randomises the correct code that prevents car thieves from hacking into the system or breaking the code itself. The vehicle’s computer checks the code emitted by the smart key and only starts the engine if the code is verified beyond doubt. Many auto manufacturers were quick to adopt this technology, chief among them being Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes.

Car keys are one of the most important parts of vehicle security, and as they get more advanced and intricate, it stands to reason that they become more secure. As such, you will want only the best key for your car, so make sure you take a closer look at your transponder, laser cut and smart key options. For further information on metal laser cutting or etching metals, then be sure to visit our webpage over at today!