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The Many Benefits of Etched Steel

One of the most popular materials we work with here at Qualitetch is steel, as it can be highly practical and durable material. For those reasons, etched steel parts are used in a multitude of industries.

Stainless steel is an alloy of steel, comprising a high concentration of chromium which prevents it from rusting or eroding. However, the element does not make the steel completely stain or rust resistant. That being said, this material is durable with a long shelf-life that can be abrasion-free for years when looked after, making it ideal for a range of custom parts and components.

One of the main processes that our clients request from us using steel is chemical etching. With a range of benefits, it isn’t hard to see why.

Ensures high definition at low cost

When we work with etched steel, we can produce high-quality metal parts with precision, a result that isn’t as easy to achieve with other methods. The process is also faster and more economical, compared to other mechanical methods which might take a long time and require a lot of investment in up-front tooling costs which photo etching does not require. In addition, changes and amendments can be revised quickly and efficiently within budgets and time constraints.

Properties of the materials remain unchanged

The steel etching process allows our clients flexibility in the design of their parts and our turnaround process ensures that components are ready when you need them. The reason we can provide a turnaround that is so fast is because the process is simple and effective, without diminishing the mechanical properties of the material. The internal structure, grain structure and ductility of the steel remain the same before and after the etching is complete.

Low cost changes

As discussed before, the etching process is very cost efficient as well as being precise. This allows us to amend designs without negatively impacting the time it takes to complete the order. This process can be used for both small and large volume orders with ease.

Flexible design and precision

The chemical etching process for steel allows us much more flexibility compared to alternative processes. Regardless of how many parts you require from each metal sheet, the quality will be the same throughout. Specific designs such as company logos, identification marks and numbers can be etched on steel parts, as well as the component design.

Complex shapes and patterns are easy to produce, without impacting the structure of the steel metal sheets.

The metal etching process has replaced other more traditional mechanical methods for many of our customer’s thanks to the above benefits. For more information about the work we do with steel and the processes we utilise, please browse our website.