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Photo Etching for All Industries


As we celebrate Industrial Workers of the World Day on 27th June, it is important to remember the varying industries that rely on the photo etching process.

Industrial Workers of the World Day is designed to acknowledge the work that is put in by manufacturers and their staff. In today’s climate, industrial processes and businesses are far fewer than they were 20-30 years ago.

Despite the changing face of industrial manufacturing, there is one process that has continued to thrive and offer numerous sectors the components that they require. Quite simply, without photo etching, the manufacturing industry would be a lot poorer for it.

Motor Industry

One of the main industries that are reliant on the components formed is the motor industry. Over the last few decades, vehicles have been designed not only with performance in mind but also with a huge focus on the environment.

The technology used to manufacture cars has greatly improved to the point that hybrid cars are not just a concept of a designer’s imagination, but a practical alternative to relying on fossil fuels. Cars are now able to run on electricity, reducing the strain on the planet’s natural resources.


Medical is one of the key sectors that benefits on the products of photo etching, which produces instruments such as surgical scissors and incision blades which enable surgeons to save patients’ lives.

Such instruments have an expiration date and it is important that hospitals have an abundance in stock ready to replace old equipment. This incurs a heavy demand on producing these instruments, while not skimping on the quality that is required for such a delicate product.

With the etching process, products are manufactured stress and burr-free with a quick turnaround, even in cases of high demand, to the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Allowing Businesses to Move Forward

At Qualitetch, we understand the pressures that come with looking after customer expectations, meeting even the highest of demands, and the domino effect that happens when one cog in the wheel is not turning.

An issue with the manufacturer is an issue for the supplier and, eventually, turns into an issue for the end user, who may also be affected as a result. Photo etching is by far the most efficient manufacturing process in terms of quality assurance and time saved; making it the perfect solution for all businesses.

For more information on how your business can benefit from the etching process, please call our team on 01354 658787 today.