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Photo Etching for Medical Use

We all know just how versatile the photo etching process can be, allowing us the opportunity to work on a variety of different materials and metals with highly accurate results and low levels of error.

The use of chemicals to etch out a design or pattern in metals that are otherwise strong and durable is one that is cost effective, fast and highly beneficial across a number of industries. One of these industries is medicine.

Here at Qualitetch, the process we use to create photo chemical etching has been developed and refined to offer our customers a highly accurate service across a broad range of metals which allows developments and advancement within their respective industries. When it comes to medicine, treating people in need of surgery is one of these industries.

The need for a selection of metals for use in surgery and for implants is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, some people can present allergies to specific metals. Some metals work better than others for specific purposes such as repairing bones and others are needed to be as precise and sterile as can be.

One of the most popular metals for use within the medical world is titanium. As a low density, high strength metal that resists corrosion, it plays an important role in many medical applications and operations.

Titanium can be used for bone implants and replacements as well as bone fixation. It has also been used successfully to house heart valves and to attach prosthetic limbs.

Titanium has exhibited a number of characteristics that are vital to these uses, such as resistance to bodily fluids. In addition to this, it can be sterilised with ease, and it can be shaped to create instruments and tools like drills, scissors, forceps and others surgical equipment such as defibrillators.

Our processes are perfect to create these types of parts, components and tools because it is fast and economical, it is stress and burr free on the material, as well as being highly accurate at all times.

We use this process and many others to create precise and accurate parts and components for a range of customers and industries, and we are at the top of our field. For a metal solution, you can trust, choose Qualitetch.

For more information about the photo etching process and more, please browse our website or contact us here to speak to our team.