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Photo Etching: A Unique and Unusual Art

Photo chemical etching is a popular manufacturing process for a number of big industries; from space and aviation to household appliances, and more. Its popularity is due to the benefits the method offers; an impressive turnaround, a quality finish guaranteed, no burring or stress, ability to work in great detail”¦the advantages of
photochemical etching are endless.

Of course, this innovative process is not just limited to making metal filters and miniscule components. The precision and control afforded by photo etching means you can use it for decoration and design, even on the smallest and most intricate of items.

To give you some idea of the kinds of things you can use photo etching for, we have listed three examples below. These unique and unusual items demonstrate the more artistic quality of photo etching, made possible by its advanced precision. Read on for more.


Jewellery is one of the most popular gift options out there, largely because of the variety available, as well as its suitability for all occasions. If you are a jewellery designer or maker, and you need a reliable way of decorating metallic pieces with precision and ease, photo etching is the ideal solution.

You can send your sketches and designs, along with a detailed brief, and we can create the electronic drawing ready to etch. Once you give the “ok”, we will go ahead and etch your pendants, embellishments and whatever else, just as you envisaged. If you need 3D pieces, we can even take care of the post-etch forming too!

Small Gifts

The term “gift items” covers a multitude of options, from the very fancy to the small and subtle. For example, if you design bookmarks and you want to use a contemporary medium instead of traditional card, paper or cloth, consider metallic alternatives. You can come up with clean-cut geometric motifs, or you can get creative with intricate decorative designs; either way, we can recreate your design just the way you want it by manufacturing and embellishing the bookmarks using our superb photo chemical etching facilities.

If you have a slightly more practical gift item that you need to produce in large quantities, to a high quality, we can help there too. Everything from keychain charms to silver plated decorative guitar picks is possible with chemical etching. Best of all, not only do you get a superior finish, but you also get it in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Bespoke projects are just as suited to chemical etching as more technical jobs, and if you have a piece of artwork that needs etching into a sheet of metal – be it 650mm x 650mm or 10mm x 10mm – then photo etching is the way to go. Our studio team is incredibly talented, and they can turn your artwork into a viable graphic design, which they can then recreate in the etching machines.

You will be left with a piece of quality artwork, bespoke entirely based on your requirements, and finished to the highest of standards. A true demonstration of how photo chemical etching combines technical precision with artistic expression; Rembrandt would be proud!

These three examples are just a small sample of what is achievable with photo chemical etching. To discuss the capabilities, possibilities and benefits of this great process in more detail, and in relation to your specific needs (artistic or otherwise), get in touch with Qualitetch today.