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Precision Etching and the Robot Revolution

Metal etching and laser cutting are both excellent manufacturing processes, known for being efficient and innovative, and, therefore, suitable for a vast range of industries and purposes. That is why we have made the evolution and improvement of such processes a priority here at Qualitetch, for the last 25 years.

Yes, we’ve spent a quarter of a century honing our skills so that we can create whatever visions our clients throw at us, no matter how complex or unique the brief. Of course, we’ve had plenty of experience dealing with more routine jobs, such as car keys, screening for circuit boards and even fixtures for furniture. Don’t think for one second that this is where etching and laser cutting starts and ends though.

Far from being confined to the realm of home electronics and making washers for white goods, these manufacturing processes can be applied to all manner of projects. We have created bespoke jewellery designs, metal business cards and unique components for prototypes and more.

There’s still potential for more though. For example, robots.

Yes. Robots.

Now, this request isn’t something that has landed in our in-tray too often ever, but with all of the developments and boundary-pushing occurring in the technology sector, it’s worth thinking about.

You might not realise, but some of the world’s greatest robotic works, or at least those dreamt up in Hollywood’s iconic sci-fi hits, could not exist without the delicate work produced by chemical etching or the precision of laser cutting.

Not convinced? Well, just look at some of the robots we’ve seen on our screens in the last few decades. As mighty as evil corporations, superhero organisations and ambiguous geniuses can be, they still need all the right parts to build their legions. And that’s where metal component manufacturers like us come in.

C3PO can keep his advanced technology in a galaxy far, far away. We know that should (a reformed) Skynet ever require cyborgs, or if the Met ever called for a unit of ED209 Robocops, the photo etching and laser cutting technology employed here at Qualitetch would work a treat. Of course, the engineers in the lab would need to work on the intricacies, but we’d have the building blocks covered.

From the tiniest screws and various plates holding the T-101’s skeleton together to the hinge work and components used to create super-robot Sonny (iRobot), precision-etched parts are the foundation of future robotics.

Of course, until such time as we receive an order for android-specific components, we will continue leading the market in precision etching and metal component solutions. After all, there’s plenty to keep us busy until the robot revolution”¦