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Qualitetch Every Day

The world of acid etching is one that might sound complex, technical and a million miles away from the world you live in but the truth is that the two are deeply connected. Yes, it is a specialised process that our in-house team of experienced and qualified technicians have spent years honing and developing, but you’d be surprised how far reaching the items we manufacture are cast.

Your cooker, your washing machine, your mobile phone and tablet, your furniture, your holidays and even your televised entertainment – many of our precision etched components are utilised in all areas of everyday life.

Why are our services used across a multitude of industries? The answer is simple: because they are efficient, cost effective and guarantee high quality products, without fail. The acid etching process is one of the fastest and most accurate ways of manufacturing parts without putting unnecessary stress on the materials used.

For further demonstrable proof that our precision etched components are one and the same with those everyday items you rely on, please keep reading.

Electronics and Entertainment
Almost all electronic equipment contains circuit boards – that’s right, everything from your house alarm to your alarm clock, from your tablet to your microwave. Circuit boards need to be precise, accurate and highly detailed, no matter what size they are, or how many times they are replicated. Acid etching provides the precision required for these parts.

Since analogue was switched off, digital TV is one of the only ways people can consume their favourite television shows and news. Alongside this, we have websites dedicated to streaming movies and games consoles hooked up the Internet to play with people around the world. All of these forms of entertainment are routed through satellites which all rely on the accuracy and stability provided by precision made parts.

Around the Home
White goods – fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves, and washing machines – are items that can be found in almost every home and business in the UK. These items are used daily and need to withstand constant use, heat, water, and repetition – out of habit and use. Ensuring these items work perfectly with every use is imperative for ensuring safety in the home which is why parts are created using acid etching for precision.

The bed you sleep in, the wardrobes, cabinets and bookcases where we store our possessions are just as important around the home. Many people buy flat pack furniture and utilise their DIY skills to put together these items using precision formed components and mass produced items like washers and bolts.

So, while not all of the parts that we manufacture will end up in the home – we work with businesses across many different industries – there are plenty that do end up a part of our everyday lives.

For more information on the work that we do, please browse our website or contact us to discuss our services.