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The Qualitetch Way

When your business is as niche as ours, you need to do it well to succeed. With over 25 years’ worth of experience and a team of talented and dedicated technicians by our side, we are at the forefront of our industry, and that is no easy feat. Not only do we provide our customers with manufacturing solutions that are built around their specific needs, but we also create precision etched components to the highest standards, too.

Not only do we put our experience and expertise to the test on a daily basis with our work etching metals, but we also provide a full manufacturing service, including assembly work, soldering, spot-welding and other associated services. If you require any work in this area, then come to a name that is trusted and respected around the world; come to Qualitetch.

Etching Metals and More

Our consistent work and results demonstrate our commitment to the industry, the processes we undertake and the way in which we have developed our services, offerings and overall expertise. While etching metals and manufacturing parts and components is the bulk of our work, we also offer a much broader range of services to provide a complete component solution.

Focus On: Chemical Etching

The photo etching process is one that is flexible, incredibly accurate and affordable for all. By utilising the chemical etching methods that we use, we are able to work very efficiently and precisely to create any number of parts, components and otherwise, for our clients.

Unlike other methods, when we etch metals we are placing little stress on the metal which means it stays stronger for longer and will be free of any burrs that can occur during other processes.

Utilising ferric chloride as our etchant means that we can work with an incredibly vast range of metals, even some of the strongest steels on the market. Alongside this, we can work accurately to within 5microns. We are sure you will agree that this is practically perfect!

Because of the design process we have in place, any mistakes or amendments are very easy to make and rectify, without the need for lengthy delays in the manufacturing process. Similarly, due to the nature of the etching process, we are easily able to work with complex and intricate designs.

The Metals

As previously mentioned, we work with a broad range of etching metals including aluminium, mild and stainless steel, nickel silver, silver, titanium, brass, copper, phosphor bronze, molybdenum, beryllium copper and much more. We even provide plating and finishing services to ensure you get the part you want, every time.

If you would like any further information regarding the chemical etching process, please consult our website or contact us for a chat; we look forward to hearing from you!