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Qualitetch’s Top 5 Corporate Gift Ideas

It can be challenging to come up with innovative and attractive ways to entice new customers or thank those already loyal to you.

Whilst they work well enough, certain tried and tested methods, such as branded pens and stress balls, can lack the impact a more out-of-the-box gift would have.

Trying to incorporate new materials into popular corporate gift items is a good way of branching out and trying something different. Metals of all kinds can prove to be interesting, versatile and durable materials when used for gifts. And those that can be photo etched a few batches at a time are an especially good choice because it is both time and cost-efficient for you to stock up on promotional paraphernalia.

If you like the idea of photo etched corporate gifts, but you aren’t entirely sure which gifts would work best, read on. Below we have suggested five ideas to get you started; all of which are sure to be a conversation starter and ensure people keep your business in mind, and if you wish, you can even supply your own design ideas into the process.

Business Cards

A staple for businesses of every shape and size, photo etched metal business cards make quite the impression. We are particular fans of this idea, not least because of the potential. You can etch almost any design and play around with shapes, to give you a super-contemporary or an intricately detailed business card that can’t get ripped/coffee-stained/scribbled on, etc.

Key Rings

Key rings are one of those novelty items that can be incredibly useful, whilst offering a superb way to promote yourself repeatedly. However, so many of the cheap and mass-produced plastic key rings get discarded or forgotten about hours after being handed out. A sleek and sturdy metal key ring though, either etched with your brand logo or etched into your company name, will be a keeper.

Phone and Tablet Cases

Today, it seems like everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or other such device firmly attached to their person. So, it makes sense to keep up with 21st-century trends and (if budget and business model allow) incorporate people’s technology into your corporate gift ideas. A phone or tablet case that has a beautifully photo etched panel, either with a purely decorative design or a brand- specific one, will be a statement-maker and a gift people will keep. What’s more is that it is cost and time-friendly too.


Desks are no strangers to coffee rings and tea stains, so coasters make ideal handouts. Unlike the flimsy cork and cardboard options out there, which last a total of five tea rounds, metal or metal-topped coasters are long-lasting and durable. They can be wiped down and buffed up when they need a refresh, and they make excellent decorative features too; the metal square providing somewhat of a perfect blank canvas in the chemical etching world.

Letter Openers

Last but not least, let’s look at mail. Every business, no matter how digital or how eco-friendly they are, gets snail mail. Sometimes, this is part of a mass delivery sorted in the post room, and other times it is just a few items of junk and non-junk mail for individuals. Either way, when letters arrive where they are supposed to, the opening experience will only be enhanced by a letter opener. So why not brand metal letter openers, or decorate them with etched designs and filigree? A useful and unique corporate gift, made feasible by the photo etching process.

Of course, in addition to these five suggestions, you have endless other options. Some further ideas include USB stick covers, rulers and bookmarks, as well as money clips and buttons for badges and so on.

Corporate gifts don’t have to be conventional; after all, you want them to help you stand out. So make the most of photochemical etching and the limitless design possibilities associated with the process. Browse our site and get in touch for more information and advice.