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Safety First Using Electronic Appliances

When plugging in and using any electronic appliance, it is always important to think safety first and consider any limitations.

After undergoing the  etching process  and manufacturing as a whole, each appliance comes with a specified watt usage – this can usually be found on the plug.

The maximum load for a standard plug socket is 3000 watts, or 13 Amps – maxing out and going above this output is highly dangerous, which is why it is of vital importance to take into consideration the required usage of anything electric.

Every Day Usage

It is essential to keep a record of the power usage of all of your electrical appliances, whether that is your television, DVD player, games console, washing machine or any tools.

Pretty much everyone has made use of extension cables to maximise the amount of devices that can be plugged in and used in the same location. While most extension cables are capable of matching the full 13 Amps of the plug socket, there are some that are much less powerful; again this can usually be found on the plug socket.

In most living rooms it will be normal to find the television, satellite box, DVD player and games console all connected to the same extension cable. You might think that is a lot, but in actual fact, all of these devices will only require a collective three amps, easily within the limit.

Do not be fooled by the size of the appliance, either, as something as small as a kettle will require the full 13 Amps of the plug socket, meaning under no circumstances should you use an extension cable while making a cuppa.


Before using anything electrical, you must carry out checks, especially if training is required. When carrying out safety checks always ensure that the power is turned off at the wall if the appliance is plugged in.

Check for any damaged wires or leads, and also for any coloured wires that may be visible in the plug – if this is the case then do not use and consult an electrician.

Some signs that you may be maxing out that power usage is fuses blowing in plug sockets or lights tripping out apparently for no reason.

Electrical Tools for the Etching Process

If electrical tools are being used, the user must be properly trained and follow safety guidance to ensure both their own personal wellbeing and that of anyone around them during use.

We guarantee that all of our materials going through the etching process meet safety guidelines, ensuring that you will be using appliances of the highest quality.