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School is the starting point for understanding your metals

Engaging children and teenagers during their education can prove difficult at the best of times, however we are in the position of knowledge that allows us to push them, since education really is a key to the world of opportunity.

Kids are all different, some love to get stuck into a book while others will enjoy carpentry or running. In the metal industry, interest can start at a very young age, with the explanation of how magnets work right through to the periodic table and how brightly magnesium will burn if you set it alight.

During our younger years, it is much easier to retain information, we are like walking and talking sponges ready to absorb facts and knowledge. This is why we notice that children can learn a second language with much more ease and at a pace greater than us adults. They are programmed to learn at this age.

The forging of a career within the metal industry can be a journey of discovery and fun, but this begins early on. If you think your little one is hshowing a keen interest in the metal sector of their science lessons or are keen to design metal constructions, be prepped to nurture this. You never know, this could be their future career!

The development of skills throughout our years transfers from being able to feed ourselves right through to being able to drive a vehicle. At Qualitetch, we offer a wide range of services that our experts have trained in and become masters of.

From chemical etching through to EDM wire erosion, our experts cover all your metal component solutions.

Why not give us a call and ask us about our story, and how our great technicians managed to get themselves into this line of work.

Have a look at our video on the Quality and Approvals section to see our business cards being Photo Etched. If you or your company needs, or are interested in our services and would like to know more, get in touch with us today!