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Sheet metal photo etching of metal enclosures and EMC EMI & RFI screening cans

Nickel Etching

Here at Qualitetch we don’t just manufacture aesthetic parts and components using the photo etching process such as metal business cards or bespoke jewellery parts, but we also produce many electronic components. One of the main products from this sector we manufacture is a variety of EMC, EMI or RFI screening shields and cans we offer. We can manufacture your chosen shield can size in various metals including Nickel Silver NS106, Stainless Steel 304, Tin plated Mild Steel, Silver plated Brass or Copper or any other metals if you require.

Base sizes for the cans vary largely; but start from 20mm x 20mm x 3mm wall heights, but we can manufacture enclosures up to 600mm x 600mm in base size.

We offer metal thicknesses from 0.10mm thick to 1.5mm thick for your bespoke can requirements but most are between 0.20mm and 0.50mm thick. The construction of the shielding can or enclosure itself can also be offered in many differing ways including a plain four sided can with a plain folded lid, that would be folded on a half etch depth fold line and spot-welded or soldered. But we can also offer much more complex labyrinth style constructed cans that can have individual cell separation areas to protect particular sensitive component areas on the PCB board.

All our shielding cans are bespoke, however if you require assistance with your design then we do offer a design for manufacture service that can help you through the etching process with guidance from your initial PCB board design, right through to choosing the best solution that fits your board design.

Another type of screening can enclosure we manufacture is a spring fingered can and lid construction, which physically grips the outer top fence wall and ensures that the lid can be removed if required. All these screening cans and shields can be manufactured in any metal.