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Chemical Etching FAQ’s

Here at Qualitetch HQ, we offer high-quality  chemical etching  as part of a range of services – to provide businesses like yours with a total metal component solution. When you need metal parts and components to bring your product to market, you know who to call.

Although the work we do influences domestic and business lives on a daily basis, within a niche industry such as ours, it makes perfect sense that many of our clients and prospective customers will want to know more about the services we provide. With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our most frequently asked questions to answer your queries with ease.

 What is Chemical Etching?

Simply put, the process of  chemical etching  uses a technique of printing onto sheet metal using a photosensitive film, which is then passed through an etchant. The acid wash removes the excess metal that is not required, leaving behind the parts and components that you have ordered.

The metal is then rinsed free of chemicals and the UV film coating removed. Your parts are now ready to be shipped or assembled.

 What Are the Benefits?

Compared to our services, this process is much kinder on the metal used, leaving it stress and burr free. This means we can process much thinner sheets of metal while maintaining our high standards and levels of accuracy.

 What Metals Can We Use With this Service?

This service is suitable for use with an extensive range of metals thanks to the flexible nature of this process. The most popular metals that we etch include Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Carbon Spring Steel, Silver, Aluminium, Beryllium Copper, Nickel, Nickel Silver and much more.

 Is this Process Limited to Manufacturing Industries?

Our services are available across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, including Aerospace, Electronics, Telecommunications, Science, Medicine, Automotive, Healthcare and the Energy sector; to name a few.

If you have a project that requires the production of metal parts and components, then we will endeavour to do what we can for your needs.

 Do All Parts Have to Be the Same?

We take small orders and very high volume orders, but the following is true for all of our clients. If you have a number of parts that require the same material (including thickness), then we can manufacture as many as we can from one sheet to reduce your overall costs.

 How Long Will an Order Take?

We usually offer a lead time of approximately 3-5 working days (flat blank profiles), 5-10 days (flat and plated parts), and 10-15 days (3D formed parts). However, we also provide a premium service for urgent orders as soon as next day.

For more information about  chemical etching  and our other services, please refer to our more extensive FAQ page  or contact us on 01354 658787.