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How Etched Metal Helps the Wright Brother’s Legacy

113 years on from their first record-breaking flight, the legacy of the Wright Brothers still lives on today. The Wright Brother’s ground-breaking achievement has directly inspired the aerospace industry over the years, with their original success leading on to ever greater feats of engineering.

Here at Qualitetch, we use our specialist etched metal to create a range of components for our clients in the aerospace industry. Building on the foundations that the Wright Brothers first put in place way back in 1903, we provide precision-etched parts and components to suit our aerospace customer’s requirements.

Wright Brothers Day

The Wright Brothers – Orville and Wilbur Wright – were a pair of American brothers, inventors and pioneers in the field of aviation. They invented and built the first successful aeroplane in the world.

On 17th December 1903, the brothers made the first sustained flight of a self-powered, heavier-than-air aeroplane near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. In many ways, this provided the foundation for today’s aircraft by acting as a very early first prototype.

In the US, as of 1959, Wright Brothers Day is celebrated on December 17th every year to commemorate the brother’s achievement. At Qualitetch, we think that it is very important to recognise just what these aerospace pioneers have done for the industry today.

We use the latest chemical etching equipment and machinery to provide top-quality etched metal components for our clients in the aviation and aerospace sectors, ensuring that our customer’s finished products are of a world class calibre. As industry leaders, the clients we have worked with know that we are a safe pair of hands for all of your etched metal manufacturing needs.

Exclusive Aerospace Accreditation

We have been providing top quality etched metal services to our clients for over 25 years. We are proud to say that we always tailor our chemical etching and photo etching services to each of our customers as an individual, to ensure that every client gets an entirely bespoke end result to match their specific component requirements.

Due to the highly accurate methods and processes that we utilise and put in place here at Qualitetch, we are pleased to say that we are able to manufacture virtually any component that you may require. Just a few examples of the many etched metal parts that we can manufacture using our photo etching service include brackets, filters, fuel cells, clips and washers. Many of these components are used or adapted by our aerospace clients.

Qualitetch has also recently acquired the prestigious AS9100C aerospace accreditation from NQA. This means that we have become the first privately-owned photo etching business in the UK to have achieved this standard. The AS9100C achievement is the single common standard of quality for the aviation, defence and space industries, and in supply chains, it is sought after by the world’s leading aerospace companies.

This Wright Brothers Day, why not take a few moments to sit back and reflect on how far the aviation and aerospace industries have come since that first pioneering flight?