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Know Your Titanium Facts

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Many of the services we provide here at Qualitetch; such as chemical etching, plating and finishing and component forming, are perfect for a large variety of metals.

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Here at  Qualitetch, we work with a huge variety of metals on a daily basis, dependant on your needs and requirements. In this instalment, we are looking at Titanium in more depth. Titanium can be found in every living thing on Earth, and beyond, and is one transition metal that is extremely unique in high standing; it is, after all, named after the Greek Gods!

Get to Grips with Titanium

  • Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio. It is just as strong as steel but weighs 45% less and is twice the strength of aluminium, but is only 60% heavier
  • It was discovered in 1791 and named in 1795
  • Titanium is forged in supernovas
  • It is the 9th most common metal in the Earth’s crust
  • It was first industrially extracted in the 1930’s
  • Titanium has been found on the moon, in fact, the composition of a rock sample was 10% titanium
  • The International Space Station has many critical parts made from Titanium
  • 95% of titanium is used as a dioxide in paint, plastic, toothpaste, sunscreen and much more
  • Titanium has a very high melting point of 1800 degrees C
  • It is one of the only metals used for 3D printing
  • It is non-toxic and not absorbed by the body, so is commonly used for body jewellery and bone stabilisers
  • Titanium can also be used to enhance hearing for those with impairments
  • It is not magnetic, not corrosive and does not conduct electricity
  • Because of its properties, Titanium is used to store nuclear waste securely
  • Titanium does not occur naturally as a metal, and it will always be bonded with another element
  • It alloys well with iron and aluminium
  • It is the only element to burn when exposed to pure nitrogen gas

Of course, this list could be endless, but by highlighting a few intriguing and fascinating facts, we hope we have provided you with something more substantial than just a piece of resilient metal. As one of the most versatile metals, the opportunities with this metal are huge.


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