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Making Waves in Telecommunication

As one of the biggest industries on the planet, we’d be surprised if we came across an individual or a business that was not reliant on the telecommunications sector in some respect. Communication is one of the biggest and most important elements of the modern world, and mobile technology, tablets and the Internet make it all so much easier to be a part of.

Our specialist area of expertise – the  chemical etching process  – is integral to many businesses and industries, and telecommunication is just one of them. Our many years of experience and our highly skilled team ensures that the parts and components that we manufacture are more  precise and accurate  than ever before; allowing for further developments within our client’s respective fields.

While we are busy working away behind the scenes, providing the parts that keep the industry going, let’s take a look at what is new in telecommunications.

Mobile Technology

While mobile telephones and tablets are much faster than they have ever been, much sleeker than ever before and are essentially tiny computers in our pockets; we are all connected to the Internet at the touch of a button (touch screen, no less), and the world is literally at our fingertips.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are the latest technological advance making headlines around the world. Not just your average watch, the smart watch is GPS linked to track movements and monitor your heart for health and fitness purposes and is capable of running apps and connecting to your smartphone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality sounds like something that is straight out of a science fiction film, and technology experts have teased us with this for years.

However, products are finally reaching the open market in the form of Google Glass and even the latest gaming app craze – Pokemon Go. Transporting the user into an augmented reality that is based on their location, this is one area of telecommunication that looks set to get bigger and bigger.

For communication companies and businesses to develop these technological advances, it is imperative that they have all the correct parts and components they require. Our  chemical etching process  is a cost-effective way of producing high volumes of these parts within a short turnaround.

Timing is everything in an industry that thrives on launching the newest products and innovation before the rest of the market get there first; which makes us perfectly equipped to be involved with this industry.

For more information on the services we provide, please contact us on 01354 658787 today.