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Why Photo Etched Metals Improves Function

The process used for photo etched metals is one that offers many benefits and advantages post-production which is exactly why we provide this service to our customers. As well as being versatile and simple to implement (despite the complex and sophisticated looking machining process), it produces higher quality results – which means more efficient and cost effective parts and components for you.

The entire process is very flexible and works with a broad range of metals to ensure a burr-free, stress-free, end product. This, in turn, ensures that parts and components produced are made with precision and accuracy, minimising the risk of faults. Such results are in high demand, which is exactly why the service is one of our most popular offerings.

In addition to providing results that are hard-wearing and durable, the process is easily repeated without impacting the degree of accuracy. The same design can be etched into a sheet of metal with minimal wastage, which makes it a speedy and cost-effective method.

The level of precision found in photo etched metals is one of the many benefits that our customers will experience. The parts and components that we produce are always of the highest standards possible to ensure that your reputation is not affected.

The adaptable and dynamic process of photo etching means that we can create a very broad range of components and items that are worlds apart in reality but are crafted using the same method. For example, the same practice can create solid sheet components, intricate mesh detailing and much more.

Some components require a smooth edge that is suitable for handling, whereas other items need a rougher edge for improved functionality. The same precise method of photo etched metals is so versatile and adaptable that it works for a vast selection of businesses and industries.

With minimal +/- variances (as little as a 0.025mm) we would recommend this service to any customer or business looking for highly accurate and cost-effective component creation. For more information, please click here.

This process works with a broad variety of metals including stainless steel and can be incorporated with other services we provide – such as metal forming or plating to guarantee that your parts are fit for purpose.

If you are looking to improve functionality for your parts and components, the photo etched metals could be the solution. Unlike other processes, the metal retains strength and durability without impacting the details and intricacies that many components require.

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