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Metal cleaning process for photo chemical etching

Once we have confirmed the brief with the client, the first stage in any photo etching project is to clean the metal.

Having selected the metal to our customer’s specification, we cut it to a blank size of 500mm x 305mm, so it is ready for processing.

These sheets are then loaded onto the cleaning line, where the surfaces are degreased in preparation for the photo etching stage. The metal sheets continue passing through the cleaning line, washed by both acid and alkaline solutions, depending on the type of material.

Though not a fast process, metal cleaning is an essential one as it ensures the surface of each metal sheet is clean and clear of any impurities that could impair the photo etching process. The rollers pass the sheets through at a consistent speed, so that every millimetre is thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried, ready for the next step of metal preparation.

See the Lamination, Printing and Developing video here.